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Joint Conferences on Algebra, Logic
And Number Theory

9th Colloquiumfest on Algebra and Logic
8th Czech, Polish and Slovak Conference on Number Theory

Bukowina TatrzaƄska, 21—24.06.2010

The Colloquiumfest is a small, (almost) annual low budget conference on algebra and logic that has been invented and held at the University of Saskatchewan, but also at the IHP in Paris and at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York. Topics of the 9th Colloquiumfest will come from valuation theory, real algebra, field arithmetic, algebraic geometry and model theory.

The Polish, Czech, and Slovak Conferences on Number Theory are organized every two years by either the University of Ostrava in Czech Republic, or the University of Silesia in Poland. In the past years they had been attended mostly by number theorists from Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, but since recently a growing number of guests from other countries has been hosted. The range of topics covered during the meetings has also expanded beyond what is usually considered number theory. The upcoming conference will be organized by the Polish side, and will be combined with the 9th Colloquiumfest

Participants of any of the two conferences are warmly welcome to attend the lectures of the other conference, as well.